Review: The Dogist Puppies by Elias Weiss Friedman

The moment I got my hands on this book, I was beyond ecstatic to start my journey of admiring over 800 puppies that awaited in the pages to follow, but I generously managed to rail in my excitement for a hot minute to read the introduction of nearly 5 pages. It was worth it, though, just for the one comment from the author at the end that made me crack a smile: “If you’ve read this far, I admire your restraint.” 

The Dogist Puppies, the follow-up to the New York Times bestseller The Dogist, is a beautiful, funny, and endearing look at puppies. And with their sweet faces, soft bellies, and oversized paws, the puppies in The Dogist Puppies make this book even more irresistible than Friedman’s first one! Presented documentary-style, every portrait tells a story and explores each puppy’s distinct character and spirit. The book presents a gallery of puppy portraits arranged into themes including Ears, Big Paws, Cones of Shame, Learning to Walk, and Fancy Outfits, giving every dog lover something to pore over.

“I hope when you look at the picture in this book they make you smile, but I also hope the book gives people a better understanding of responsible dog ownership.”

Not only did reading and poring over this book strengthen my deep fascination with dogs, I also got enlightened and educated so many times on so many puppy breeds and their unique characteristics. I loved every single minute. Elias Weiss Friedman excels at making you take in all the different puppies by adding background or dividing them up into fascinating themes that I mentioned above. From pups to working guide dogs, shelter dogs, assistance dogs, the author never fails to highlight that “the beauty of dogs is in their diversity of form and function, and while beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, all dogs deserve recognition for who they are and why they’re here.”

cries actual tears of joyThe Dogist Puppies 1-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 2-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 12-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 3-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 4-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 5-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 8-- bookspoils

The Dogist Puppies 9-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 10-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 11-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 13-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 14-- bookspoilsThe Dogist Puppies 15-- bookspoilsI loved seeing Vizslas in the collection, thanks to having recently discovered the joy that is Drew Lynch‘s Youtube channel with his service dog named Stella. So whenever I came across one in The Dogist Puppies, my mind just screamed one thing:ftm0dzs

On that note, this book has made me the most overjoyed in awhile and just THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE. And as a result, I’m now more desperate than ever to get my hands on Elias Weiss Friedman’s The Dogist.

ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Expected publication: September 19th, 2017

5/5 stars

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Review: Peluda by Melissa Lozada-Oliva

Humorous and biting, personal and communal, self-deprecating and unapologetically self-loving, peluda (meaning “hairy” or “hairy beast”) is the poet at her best. The book explores the relationship between femininity and body hair as well as the intersections of family, class, the immigrant experience, Latina identity, and much more, all through Lozada-Oliva’s unique lens and striking voice. peluda is a powerful testimony on body image and the triumph over taboo.

“the loser of the war: has the best memory.
the winner: gets to forget.”

What originally caught my attention with this collection was the vibrantly powerful book cover: Peluda-- bookspoilsThen, as always, I looked the author up online to see if any memorable quotes of hers were shared. And was taken back by quite a gripping one:

I continued on with raised expectations that were mostly met with the occasional poem here and there in the collection. Such as:

Peluda 2-- bookspoils

The highlighted responses made my mouth drop with surprise. An utterly strong poem from start to finish.

Peluda 1-- bookspoils

Peluda 3-- bookspoilsThis one poem cemented my decision to check out the first season of Jessica Jones.

This collection full of creativity, feminism, love, bodies would be recommend for anyone looking to spruce up their poetry shelf.

ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Expected publication: September 26th, 2017

3/5 stars

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Review: Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and Me by Ellen Forney

Marbles 11-- bookspoils
I’ve had my eye on this particular graphic memoir before, but decide just this past week to finally give it a go. I was beyond grateful to see myself so easily immerse into the intensely personal world presented in Marbles.

Darkly funny and intensely personal, Forney’s memoir provides a humorous but authentic glimpse into the effects of a mood disorder on an artist’s work, as she shares her own story through black-and-white graphic images and prose.Marbles 12-- bookspoils

I went into this expecting a similar kind of storytelling presented in Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, but this graphic novel ended up differing for me in its achingly honest representation of living with a mental illness, along with exploring the author’s bisexuality. It also raises to light the significance of answering questions through a mix of research, storytelling, and honesty. From exploring the stereotype behind the “crazy artist” to questioning if bipolar disorder & creativity are actually linked, and answering the big one of: “If I take meds to prevent my mood swings, am I choosing to be less creative?”.

This is a deeply complex, dark, personal, raw, fully fleshed graphic memoir unlike anything I’ve read in the past. Towards the end, in particular, when the issues raised were part medical, part philosophical was when the memoir left me most grounded.

“It was a relief to discover that aiming for a balanced life doesn’t mean succumbing to a boring one.”

And I think now is a good place to let the work speak for itself by sharing some of my favorite pieces:

Marbles 1-- bookspoils


Marbles 2-- bookspoils

Marbles 3-- bookspoils

Marbles 4-- bookspoils

Marbles 5-- bookspoils

Marbles 6-- bookspoils


Marbles 8-- bookspoils


Marbles 10-- bookspoils

I’ll cherish this educational, eye-opening, and personal read for a long time to come. By the end of it, Ellen Forney even shares an accurate visual of reaching that dreaded ending in your favorite books:

Marbles 7-- bookspoils

4/5 stars

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