Review: milk and vine by Adam Gasiewski & Emily Beck

I knew that all those hours I wasted watching funny vine compilations* were not for naught. I mean, for better or for worse, words will never suffice how amazed I am that this is an actual book I read as a “tribute to the late and great Vine app.”

Parodying the popular poetry book Milk and Honey, Milk and Vine beautifully portrays the best vines of all time in this modern poetic format. Milk and Vine is truly a delight for the sensations, bringing back the riveting quotes we all laughed at together as a united internet community.

There’s no standard way to review this since this isn’t your conventional poetry collection… But I’ll try to stick to my normal format and insert a couple of my favorite pieces:

milk and vine 1-- bookspoilsI wanted to watch the film Spider-man: Homecoming on a Wednesday solely because of this vine.milk and vine 2-- bookspoils

milk and vine 3-- bookspoils

I was low-key ecstatic to find vines I hadn’t yet known about.

Also, I’m taking the promise at the end of the book dead serious: “Be on the lookout for our next book, Milk and Tweets, coming very soon!”


Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying milk and vine, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

*Here are some of my favorite vine compilations, as noted at the start of the review:

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