Review: Libby’s Dad by Eleanor Davis

I’ve been eager to read more works from Eleanor Davis ever since I finished (and completely loved) her collection, How To Be Happy. So I went into this short graphic novel expecting the same stunning artwork as with the previous – especially with that gorgeous cover on the front – but was quite quickly proven wrong.Libby's Dad-- bookspoils

Libby’s Dad is lushly colored story of youth and rumor, by New York Times bestselling creator Eleanor Davis. And I was for the most part feeling underwhelmed, to say the least. It’s a rather quick read but with little to no impact, unfortunately.

I also went into this expecting the discussion of what is truth and what is lie to be explored, but closed the book without being really given a concrete answer. So I think it’s probably for the best if I don’t try to overthink or read too much into the story.

And as I mentioned previously, I was anticipating the art style to look differently according to that vibrant cover, but it didn’t quite match my expectations:

Libby's Dad 1-- bookspoils

Libby's Dad 2-- bookspoils
Libby's Dad 3-- bookspoils

Libby's Dad 4-- bookspoils

All in all: while Libby’s Dad didn’t really live up to my expectations, I’m still eager to pick up any future works by the talented Eleanor Davis.

2.5/5 stars

Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying Libby’s Dad, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

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